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Trailer and Fundraiser

It's official! I've finished a trailer for the film. Five of them actually.

The one that's out there now is a compromise between what different people wanted.

I'm sure there will be another later as well.

As it stands, I've finished a rough assembly of the film. I'm actually pleased with how it stands now. I figure after some refinement, sound edit, and color correction, we will be ready to go.

The question is whether we speed up this process for festival submissions this season. My instinct is saying that maybe it'd be a good idea and to put it out into the world earlier rather than later.

At the same time, if we submit to festivals with a work that's sub-par, it won't get accepted to marquis festivals.

So, really, the question is: can we finish the final edit in a month and a half?

I'm not so sure. I also don't want to wait an entire year before the film is released, but maybe that's for the best. I certainly don't have the money to pay for any finishing funds. That's what the fundraiser and grants are going to help accomplish. Still, I'd have liked to see the film out much sooner.

Aaron thinks someone else who is more objective should take over at this point.

I'd love that, if we had someone willing and they could move quickly.

Speed is not an independent film's forte. If you really want it to be good, then this usually means it'll take much, much longer.

Let's see what this week's dreams hold.

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