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Sometimes I Dream in Farsi: The Story

it's a Family Affair. The set

Tomorrow, we begin the screen tests for SOMETIMES I DREAM IN FARSI.

I'm definitely nervous. I want to do so well, so I'll have to meditate again later tonight and in the morning again. Maybe even say some prayers.

I think I've lined everything correctly to surf the big waves.

We will most likely do screen tests tomorrow, and then start with interviews on Wednesday.

After that, we shoot at a tattoo parlor and a barber shop. I'll be doing some Gestalt Theory exercises with my father and myself, talking to my younger self and going through the racism I experienced when I was eight years old.

My therapist says the film is about giving voice to this eight year old self, or healing the wounds of what happened at that time.

But I know it'll be more than that: interviews with my family and friends, discussions with past film crews and actors, and lots of poetry.

Aaron Lee Dowell, our cinematographer, producer, and most amazing friend, has been having me watch all kinds of interesting pieces to see how we will create these dream sequences.

I really love the Marlon Riggs films, especially BLACK IS, BLACK AIN'T.

I'm not sure I can perform things as well as him, but I'm going to try.

In my head, I hear him: "Brother to brother, brother to brother, brother to brother..."

And I hope he is with me tomorrow and through the shoot.

I've also re-watched POETRY and MOONLIGHT in my classes. Both Lee, Chang-dong and Barry Jenkins have a beauty in helping us go into the minds of characters and then become the poetry of their minds. I wonder how we will do this.

I speak to Aaron tonight to go over our laundry list of gear.

I can see the film. I know where the locations will be. I know we will shoot, but I have no idea what will happen. I am in a complete "I don't know mind". It could be a disaster. I have no idea.

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